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Green Valley Recycling is thrilled to have partnered with Houston's finest urban park, Discovery Green.  For the entire month of October, Discovery Green has invited us to participate in their 'Recycling Saturdays' program as their exclusive used clothing recycler.


Green Valley Recycling was selected by the Assumption Catholic Church to handle the clothing recovery and recycling needs from their parish wide bazaar sale.  Thank you!  



Green Valley launches its newest promotion, Bag it! Weigh it! Sell it!  We offer the Greater Houston area  the opportunity to SELL their OLD CLOTHING by the pound.    



Green Valley publishes a Facebook page.  Keep up to date with our every move.  Please Like Us on Facebook!



GVR presented Ms. Barbara J. of Houston with a $50 Visa Gift Card for being the single biggest seller for the month of March!  In addition to the everyday $.20lbs we paid Ms. Barbara for delivering us 294lbs of clothing, she also won our competition in March and was awarded a $50 Visa Gift Card!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!



We're growing thanks to YOU!  Our first BILLBOARD is prominently displayed in the Houston area!  We want your clothing, shoes & toys and we're willing to pay you for it!!  Our Bag It! Weigh It! Sell It! program is wildly popular and we are excited to be the only company in town that offers such a service.         


May 2013

Green Valley Recycling and Open Door Mission have agreed to not execute an extention to our partnership.  We are grateful for relationship we shared with the Open Door Mission for the past 11 years. 


August 2013

WE ARE GROWING AGAIN!  We are delighted to announce our newest expansion, the Rio Grande Valley of S. TX.



GVR is excited about our newest fundraising partner, the Kingwood Football League.  Please feel free to donate your clothing to the collection bins on their property and help raise $$ for the league.  Have a great season boys!


July 2014

Hello, Twitter!  Follow us!!


August 2014



November 2014


Launch BiWISI 2.0


GVR is excited to announce the revamped Bag it Weigh it Sell it! program. Beginning November 1, GVR will be open to the public!

Our program is essentially the same with a couple of built in layers to protect us from purchasing low quality goods.

First, we have hired a full time Quality Control agent to inspect each individual item received in the delivery. Her job is to inspect and inform us... of the total pounds received, # of pounds accepted and the # of pounds rejected for each individual delivery.

Secondly, this inspection process will take between 24-72 hours for most deliveries, depending on size of delivery and previously received inspection needs. Having said this, GVR will request a telephone # and contact you within this time period to inform each customer of his/her accepted weight and make arrangements to pay. We will provide all clients the total weight received at the time of delivery. The rejected goods will be available for customer recovery upon request, otherwise, they will be either recycled or disposed of using other means.

Thirdly, in most cases, GVR will not be able to pay on the spot. Payment will be generated once the QC agent has provided the breakdown. Unfortunately, GVR can only pay for the pounds deemed Acceptable. The price GVR can pay for the clothing: $.18lbs.

Lastly, GVR values the energy each of our clients put into their clothing delivery. We appreciate your time and understand that our revamped program requires you to trust us more than our previous program. However, our goal is to grow this program and serve an increasing client base in Texas. We will always be upfront and honest and will never take advantage of our most valued asset, you, the client.

For your convenience, here's a list of reasons the clothing will be rejected:

-DAMAGED (holes, stains, torn)
-DIRTY (dirt, leaves, bugs, mud, blood, excessive animal hair)


- Can I have my rejected goods returned to me? YES, we will happily return your rejected goods at your request.

- If I am not happy with the breakdown of accepted and rejected goods, can I have the entire delivery returned to me? Unfortunately not. Once GVR devotes to time and resources into separating it, we will be unable to return the accepted goods.

- Can I deliver Paired Shoes? Yes. GVR will inspect and buy paired shoes @ .$10lbs once they pass the QC dept.

- What does GVR do with all of the clothing? GVR has clients in the USA and outside of the USA that we ship the clothing for the purpose of reuse.

- Is there a minimum or maximum delivery amount? NO. GVR can handle deliveries of any size.

- Do you pay with cash? NO. GVR pays for all deliveries with a company check.




Ms. Barbara showing her $50 Visa Gift Card

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Have you spent a fortune on clothing for yourself or kids and now they are no longer needed?  Would you rather SELL this stuff instead of giving it away as a donation to a thrift store?  CALL GREEN VALLEY RECYCLING today - WE WILL BUY YOUR QUALITY USED CLOTHING & SHOES.



We will BUY your USED CLOTHING by the pound!  Call us today @ 713-516-2212.


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